Abomination Imagery – The Artwork of Bahrull Marta

Bahrull Marta is a Jakarta based artist. His artworks are made in variety of techniques, analog to digital media, including photo manipulation and painting.

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References :

Aberrance, Abysmal Depths, BANE, Belligerent Intent, Carnivored, Centinex, Daemoni, Ecnephias, Funeral Inception, Houwitser, Khaoz, Korpse, Mephorash, Nyktophobia, Profanus Nathrakh, TON, and more.

Exhibition :

Group exhibition “TIME MACHINE : Radical Corps 19th Anniversary“, October 2011 TBRS, Semarang, Indonesia.

Group exhibition “DAMNED V An Exhibition Of Enlightened Darkness“, September 2012 Tangent Gallery, Detroit, USA.

Group exhibition “The Heart of Darkness II”, May 2013, Raven’s night club, Appleton, WI, USA.

Group exhibition “Dark Visions 4” Explore the darker recesses of the imagination. July 2013, Collingwood Arts Center, Toledo, USA.

Group exhibition “Anima Mundi III” International art festival. August 2015, Siauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai, Lt.

Group exhibition “DAMNED VIII An Exhibition Of Enlightened Darkness“, October 2015 Tangent Gallery, Detroit, USA.

Publication :

2013 “The Art of Metal: Five Decades of Heavy Metal Album Covers, Posters, T-shirts, and More”. Omnibus Press.

2014 “INSIDE artzine #17”. International Artscum Magazine, Germany.

2015 “INSIDE artzine #18”. International Artscum Magazine, Germany.

2016 “DARKADYA – Book of Art From Below, tome II”, USA.

2017 “Via Omega Magazine #4 - The Underground Metal Titans, part 1″, USA.

Testimonial :

“Working with Bahrull was great. He is very professional and a great artist. He took our project on short notice and did a great job. He took our idea added his ideas to it and the result is awesome. We have had a lot of compliments on the artwork and cd layout. We are very happy with the artwork and layout he provided for us.” – Dan Gates (Vocals/ Guitarist, TON)

“Bahrull Marta is an innovative artist, capable and very talented. The work on Ecnephias was incredible. For us it is a landmark.” – Mancan (Vocalist, Ecnephias)

“Bahrull Marta (Abomination Imagery) is a fantastic artist with big variation in his work. He is compatible and open to ideas and have always listened to my wishes and have changed thing as i have desired to fit my requirements. He is a very very talented guy and we in Mephorash hope we can work with him more times in the future!” - Erik Andersson / Lethargus (Guitarist, Mephorash)

“When Houwitser came in contact with Bahrull Marta of the ABOMINATION IMAGERY back in 2009, we were blown away by his artwork. We knew then, that he was the artist Houwitser wanted to work with. His excellent, twisted and sick artwork was exactly what we were looking for. Some ideas about how we would like the artwork for the new album were exchanged. As results, in a couple of days Bahrull already could show us his work. The “Bestial atrocity” album art is the most extreme cover artwork Houwitser ever had and it completely complements the music.” - Richard Gielen (Guitarist, Houwitser)