Q : I’m interested to buy one of your artwork in your “personal/available art” album, but would you mind to do something for that artwork?

A : I can do something to make it suitable for your needs and it cost depends the request and scale of changes details. If it changes too far for my own concept I’m not interested at all, minor changes are still can be discussed.

Q : What is your rates for custom artwork ?

A : Before we go forward please tell me some information about :

  • Details of your project, concept/ideas.
  • Usage of the artwork. (Printing on album/CD covers, merchandise, personal, etc.)
  • Timeline of your project.

I will review it first and if I’m interested with your concept we can go to the next step. I’d like to work on the whole project, it means from main artwork to artwork addition for your designs. Rates depending of things above.

Q : How long do you work on custom artwork ?

A : Up to 1-2 weeks.

Q : What kind of your work/service, do you only work for bands ?

A : Album cover illustration, layout design, promotional media, t-shirt design, visual identities, paintings, anything that related to art and design forms.

Terms Conditions

  • Artwork sold are not refundable.
  • Add/changes elements to my artwork which you have purchased is not allowed to do.
  • I’ll start working after 50% payment up in advance from the amount deal, and the rest after the preview of final art approved.
  • Files delivered after the payment is complete. PayPal for international payment, and please do not take processing any fees from PayPal. Bank transfer for local payment.
  • You have rights to use my artwork for any purposes-in period times/depends of our agreements and price. I have the ownership to copyright of the artwork, and retain rights to sell art print of the artwork, exhibition or art book entries.

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